CEC Course


Students who select CEC At Sri Medhavi Junior College can learn three significant subjects (civics, economics, and Commerce). After intermediate Education, students can pursue a regular degree in Commerce by studying B.Com (Bachelor in Commerce) with electives such as B.com (General/Computers), (Honors), (Foreign Trade), (International Finance & Accounting), and BA (Bachelor of Arts) with electives such as EPP (Economic, Public Administration, Political Science), PLP (Psychology, Literature, Political Science), HLP (History, Literature, Political Science), HEP (History, Economics, and Politics), PEP (Psychology, Economics, and Politics), and HPP (History, Economics, and Politics) (History, Public Administration, Political Science). Students will pursue M.B.A., M.com, MA, and other post-graduate degrees.CEC courses at Sri Medhavi Junior College will enable students to take technical courses such as LLB, CA, CS, ICWA, CFA, CPA, CIMA, BBA, BBM, etc., supplemented by Post Graduate courses such as M.B.A., M.com, MA, LLM, etc., to pursue careers as Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Economist, Investment Analyst, Insurance Advisor, Stockbroker, Banker, Government jobs or private jobs in Multinational Organizations, etcCivics, Economics, and Commerce are the topics that make up the CEC community. Most people assume that the odds are lower for this division than for other branches like M.P.C, BiPC, and so on. However, the CEC community has more opportunities than the others. The above category is extremely helpful to academics in obtaining government employment. The courses ICWA / CA allow students to enter the accounting profession. CEC community is very good for early career CEC pupils have more benefits for state secretariat positions/government jobs CEC pupils have more benefits.

CEC Course Possibilities


CEC may be a fantastic option for students after completing 10th, and after completing CEC courses, the scholar may pursue CS, ICWA, or CA. After completing an intermediate course in CEC, students can enrol during a sort of three-year Degree Programme, B.COM, BA, BBM, and BBA.After completing each of the above courses, students can enrol in an MBA programme, which is in high demand lately. MBA candidates are selling like hotcakes within the industry when any company needs strong managers to perform a spread of tasks. Students who have completed an MBA, CA, CS, or ICWA will obtain an honourable spot within the business world

CEC With Chartered Accountant Foundation


Chartered Accountancy is one of the best professional courses among Commerce students. Because of the rising private sector, Chartered Accountants are in high demand in the new rapidly growing Indian economy. Chartered Accountants hold high-ranking positions in every company. Both businesses, large and small, must be audited by a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A), who files statements such as the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account, which are also approved by different government bodies. Chartered Accountants are in charges of the accounting and financial matters, fund management, account preparation, analysis, and auditing, as well as financial counsel. It is an essential part of the country’s financial regulatory framework. Sri Medhavi Junior College guarantees to assist these worthy candidates in realizing their dreams in every way possible

CEC Course With Design

If you’ve always imagined yourself as an imaginative person with a keen eye for detail and elegance but dislike dealing with numbers, Sri Medhavi’s two-year integrated CEC-Design programme may be the answer. At Sri Medhavi Junior Colleges – Hasthinapuram, students are concurrently educated in the requirements for Design and Architecture. Students devote two years learning the fundamentals of production and architecture in addition to Civics, Economics, and Commerce. Our specially tailored curriculum is designed to pique students’ interest, foster innovation, and introduce them to a variety of design expressions.This combination of Civics, Economics, and Commerce (CEC) along with Design coaching focuses on Creative ability, General ability, Design aptitude, Perception, Logic, Studio test, and Portfolio review to help students pass CEED, UCEED, SEED, and other related entrance exams and gain admission to top design schools like NIFT, SHRISHTI, IIT MUMBAI, and so much more. With Intermediate CEC, this curriculum covers all of the areas available for National Level Entrance Examinations.

CEC Course With LAW

CEC with Law At Sri Medhavi Junior College
In our world, the law has always been regarded as a noble and honourable profession; in truth, Mahatma Gandhi, our nation’s father, was a lawyer. A vast number of people depend on attorneys to seek order, equity, and equality. If you want reality to always win and want to make a difference in the world by ensuring people live in a free and equal community, Sri Medhavi Junior College two-year integrated CEC with Law programme is for you.
This blend of Civics, Economics, and Commerce (CEC) with CLAT coaching focuses on English comprehension, general knowledge, current affairs, mathematics, legal aptitude, and logical thinking, all of which will train students to pass CLAT/LSAT/AILET and gain admission to top law schools like the 18 N.L.U., Jindal, and Azim Premji. This training addresses all of the topics required to pass the National Level Entrance Examinations with Intermediate CEC.
They were assuring that students gain academic expertise in the classroom, which is necessary for course completion. Emphasis is placed on accepting and moulding their traits to better fit their chosen career. Sri Medhavi Junior Colleges provides well-researched and informative learning materials to its students so that they can effectively relate them to the subject matter. Special conferences and seminars with industry experts are held to ensure that students engage with the subject and hear about the current developments in their chosen area.Students are often counselled to hold them up to date on emerging developments in their chosen area of study.
Furthermore, these meetings offer a supportive environment for students to address and overcome any issues that could be impeding their success at GJC. As a best intermediate college in Hyderabad, Sri Medhavi Junior Colleges provides business apprenticeship programmes that enable students to put their experience and skills to the test in a real-world setting. Sri Medhavi Junior Colleges- Hasthinapuram also offers complete assistance with entrance test applications