sri medhavi junior college Hostel


Our Goal AT Sri Medhavi Junior College – Hasthnapuram

The aim of education is to help students grow a well-rounded personality. The term “hostel” refers to a way of thinking, an ideology, and a gathering of people to share ideas.
At Sri Medhavi Junior College Hasthinapuram hostel facilities enable students to make a lot of friends while also allowing them to adjust to their new surroundings and sharing knowledge.
They are constructed in peaceful settings that provide fresh air and a calm learning environment.

What we believe AT Sri Medhavi Junior College – Hasthnapuram

We have long believed that the best way for students to have a stress-free education is for them to be in a stable and comfortable atmosphere to archive more in competitive examinations like IIT JEE / EAMCET and CA Foundation.
This is why Sri Medhavi Junior College Hasthnapuram places such a high priority on defense. Students are observed from the time they wake up until they retire to their beds at night.

Our Campus AT Sri Medhavi Junior College – Hasthnapuram

Residential students at Sri Medhavi Junior College – Hasthnapuram have everything they need under one roof. We provide a hostel facility for boys and girls with a separate campus.

What are the facilities we provide

The institute has splendid residential facilities with a diverse variety of amenities, with distinct facilities for boys and girls.
We recognize that most of our students are making their first move away from home, so we aspire to make the transition as easy as possible by having a relaxed, secure, and homey environment on campus.Both of the rooms have been built to allow for plenty of movement as well as plenty of ventilation and light. For students accepted to regular programs for the remainder of the regular college year.Residential housing will be available before the conclusion of the regular college session, which includes regular assessments, or 10 months from the start of the year, whichever comes first.
Students may arrive two days prior to the start of the academic session and must vacate Residential rooms within two days of the completion of standard exams. Boys and girls have their own dorm facilities on campus, with associated washrooms, beds, tables, chairs, and cabords.To make the students’ stay more enjoyable, they organize a variety of festivals, gatherings, and activities such as cultural activities, athletics, debates, and declamations.
Various tournaments are held in which students from various residential inns play against one another.Aside from that, numerous clubs and forums operate within the residential facilities, allowing students to acquire specific expertise in their fields of interest while also instilling a sense of daily practice and professionalism in them.In addition, counselors are available in the residential facilities to help students with their doubts among other issues.
Students view these counselors as best friends who give ready advice on how to deal with these common difficult circumstances.
The institute also has on-campus Counselling and Psychological Care Services including counseling and psychological assistance.

Food AT Sri Medhavi Residential Junior College

Mess is ultra-modern and designed to meet the needs of students.
At Sri Medhavi Junior College Hasthnapuram Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that is nutritious, hygienic, and delicious is served. The menu has a lot of variety.
The nutritional menu is well received by the hostel residents.

Security AT Sri Medhavi Hostel

The institute has a dedicated team of security officers and staff who serve to ensure the safety and security of the students in the hostels.
There are security officers on the premises who ensure that good decorum is upheld on campus and who are available to support students in the event of an emergency.Outsiders will be prohibited from entering the residential accommodation, and the entry and/or stay of parents/guardians or other visitors (if authorized) will be subject to the permission of the warden and other College authorities.
Students who have concerns about the mess should contact the Warden, Principal, and Assistant Principal. They are not, however, permitted to add to the chaos or to attack.

Cleanliness At Sri Medhavi Junior College – Hasthnapuram

We give challenges to students to keeping their rooms and apartments tidy for learning self-discipline. The washrooms and corridors, on the other hand, will be swept on a regular basis by the housekeeping staff to maintain the health and hygiene of students.