MPC Course


MPC is a part of science stream this group is also popular as PCM which stands for physics chemistry and mathematics the duration of the is 2years 

The general subjects in the MPC group are mathematics physics chemistry English and Sanskrit 

career options after MPC course

BE / BTech  

be stands for bachelor of engineering and BTech Stands for bachelor of technology it is four years of a long degree program in the field of engineering these programs are very popular among science streams we have many branches in engineering some of them are mechanical engineering electrical engineering civil engineering chemical engineering computer science engineering IT engineering Electrical engineering.


BSE stands for bachelor of science BSc program is for 3years long course this is bachelor degree course related to the science field


BCA stands for bachelor of computer application it is a good course related to IT and science BSc in computer science


Aircraft Maintainance Engineering this training program this course duration is 3 years after completing MPC in Intermediate one may acquire an aircraft engineering license given by DGCA

CPL Training 

CPL STANDS FOR COMMERCIAL POILET TRAINING IF YOU WANT SOMETHING TO SKIP 9 TO 4JOB THIS PROGRAMME WILL PERFECT FOR THOSE to be to consider to eligible undergoing CPL training of satisfying the physical medical requirement

B Pharmacy

B Pharmacy stands bachelor of pharmacy it is a bachelor’s degree program to field of pharmacy the program is for four years long it is more suitable for science students